Friday, March 19, 2010

Toby is the laziest Shiba ever.

I am convinced Toby is the laziest Shiba around. Why is this? My Shiba does shit nothing. He lazes around the house all day long and sleeps. He is really taking that 'catittude' seriously. I'm more annoyed by the fact that he sleeps in front of the heat vent and sucks up all the heat. HE HAS TWO LAYERS OF FUR, why does he need a heat vent to keep warm. Silly dog. He is sitting in front of the heat vent and speeding up his shedding process. ;P I can't wait to go home and harvest his fur -- my friend is spinning it into yarn. I feel like the ultimate dog loser, I can make something out of my dog's fur! :D


a girl and her two shibas said...

hehe. shibas need sleep. lots of it! we enjoy reading your blog. will you update it with more silly pics?

your fans,
kuma & hiro

Anonymous said...

If you are till around, I would like to talk about Toby. I have a shiba (Roxy) from Lallys, born 4/2006. Toby looks a lot like Roxy, especially with that dark strip down the back and the black tail! Roxy is very large (about 50# now!).

I got the link here from the shibainu forum from one of the members. It looks like you are no longer posting here or there, but if you want, I am "schubes" on the forum.

Hopefully you and Toby are ok and enjoying life.

James said...

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