Friday, March 19, 2010

Toby is the laziest Shiba ever.

I am convinced Toby is the laziest Shiba around. Why is this? My Shiba does shit nothing. He lazes around the house all day long and sleeps. He is really taking that 'catittude' seriously. I'm more annoyed by the fact that he sleeps in front of the heat vent and sucks up all the heat. HE HAS TWO LAYERS OF FUR, why does he need a heat vent to keep warm. Silly dog. He is sitting in front of the heat vent and speeding up his shedding process. ;P I can't wait to go home and harvest his fur -- my friend is spinning it into yarn. I feel like the ultimate dog loser, I can make something out of my dog's fur! :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An update on Toby ...

I haven't been on this place in AGES! Anyways, I have an update of my furry friend Toby!

Toby is now a year and a half old. How amazing is that? :) I feel like it I have owned him for longer, really. Toby knows lots of things, he is a very smart little Shiba Inu. Actually ... he's huge.

Toby weighs 37.5lbs and is very tall. He is as big as a Shikoku Ken ( which isn't much larger, to be honest ). There is Toby next to a Shikoku. He is on the bottom of the picture.

I have been working with Toby since he came home at 8 weeks old, and he is doing well at his training. Even so, he is like a normal Shiba. He ignores commands, only comes when he wants to and loves chasing bunnies. The other week, Toby escaped from our yard and ran across the street, to chase rabbits. It was a little ... scary. Well, my next posts will include some clicker training and other various things, so stay tuned!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Crazy Puppy!

I just love playing with my Lizard Bungee toy, and its pretty obvious here! :D

Nothing beats a day off to go play and have lots of fun in the snow! Mommy had off school today, so she took me outside and snapped a ton of photos and some video of me, too. She doesn't seem to like the snow, but its sure keeping me happy! Its a good thing the snow doesn't get me very wet. I like having my fur. :)

I've finally settled into home properly and have been sleeping happily through the nights. Yesterday I also visited the vet for my first check-up, and was told i'm 100% healthy! I didn't mind getting a few new shots.

Heres a video of me in the snow!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Toby comes home!

I came home from the breeder on Valentine's Day. Full of kisses, love, and the hour long whines of my first night in my new home.

It was scary at first, but i'm glad I was reunited with the same people who kept visiting me for the past month and giving me lots of hugs and love. They smell interesting.

I met my new friend; a huge yellow tabby cat named Coda -- who happens to also have the same birthday as me! We share our birthdays on Christmas Eve!

Heres a photo of me, snoozing away on this new comfy spot. Mommy left on Animal Planet so I could watch all the other animals in case I woke up!